Magical Shaman Lightworker Programm

The Magickal Shaman LightWorker Program has 3 levels and 3 attunements.

This course covers:

Level 1 -- Initiate
Level one covers the introduction, spirit journey, looking within,

discovering your path, knowing who you are, rights of passage,

magickal names, and more.

Level 2--Intermediate
Level 2 covers attachments, soul retrieval, reclaiming your power, and more.

Level 3--Master
Level 3 covers, meditation, healing--herbs and stones, connecting to your psychic self--visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and instincts, etc., living in harmony, Nature magick, and more!

   You will receive the manual, the distance attunement, and a hand signed certivicat.

 The energie exchange  for the Magickal Shaman LightWorker Program is

CHF 77-.

 To purchase this Product please click on the link below, thank you!


Founder: Linda Colibert

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