Fairy Lightworker Programm


This program covers:

Woodland Nymph
Star Fire Fairy
Stone Fairy
Ice Fairy
Water Sprite
River Queen--Coventina

This program will allow you to use the title of Fairy Lightworker after your name if you would like. It will cover healing, and much more, and connects you to the Greenman, Dryad, Woodland Nymph, Gnome, Sylph, Star Fire Fairy, Pixie, Stone Fairy, Ice Fairy, Water Sprite, and the River Queen -- Coventina. You will learn how to work with these energies and how to use them for healing yourself, others, and all of Mother Nature and Her creatures!

There are 11 attunements to the Fairy LightWorkerProgram.

   You will receive the manual, the distance attunement, and a hand signed certivicat.

The energy exchange for the Fairy LightWorker Programm is:

CHF 88-.

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Founder: Linda Colibert

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